Nevada State Freight Plan

Freight transportation infrastructure has become increasingly essential to Nevada’s economic vitality. No longer considered a separate function, the movement of resources and goods has become more fully integrated into a wide range of economic activities from manufacturing and assembly to wholesale, distribution, retail, and tourism, among many others. Our freight network must provide the access and seamless connections needed for Nevada to more effectively compete in the global marketplace.

The Nevada Department of Transportation developed the Nevada State Freight Plan (Plan) which describes the framework needed to create the robust and reliable freight transportation infrastructure necessary for Nevada’s continued economic growth and diversification. The creation of integrated and seamless multimodal freight infrastructure will enable Nevada to develop the competitive advantage necessary to expand its role and function in the North American and global trade network; with the infrastructure providing the foundation needed to initiate this next chapter of economic development in the State.

To this end, the Plan identifies freight transportation hubs and facilities critical to Nevada’s economic growth and recommends appropriate prioritization for investments in these hubs and facilities. Enhanced economic growth will help guide statewide transportation investments and policy to achieve related strategic goals, including safety, state of good repair, livability, and environmental sustainability.

When implemented, the Nevada State Freight Plan will provide the state with a competitive advantage that will provide a catalyst for continued economic expansion and diversification.

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Bill Thompson
Freight Program Manager
Freight Planning Section
Nevada Department of Transportation
Telephone: 775.888.7354

What's New

Nevada State Freight Plan Cover

Final Master Plan Available for Review
On September 12, 2016 the State Transportation Board accepted the Final Nevada State Freight Plan which is now available for download.